Dear Unity Members,

Welcome to Unity HealthShare, presented and marketed exclusively by Aliera Healthcare, Inc. In this ever-changing healthcare world, we have worked tirelessly to develop products that will provide you with the best possible healthcare at the most competitive cost, and I am confident you will be satisfied with our extensive network of providers, unmatched customer service, and 24/7/365 access to telemedicine. We understand the healthcare arena has become increasingly complex and hard to understand, and for that reason, we offer our members a concierge service designed to help navigate your plan, allow you to better utilize your coverage, and assist you with any questions or concerns.

Healthcare sharing ministries, like Unity HealthShare, have been around for decades, and billions of dollars of healthcare needs have been shared by fellow members. Healthcare sharing has long been considered a positive solution to the rising cost of health insurance, and we thank you for being part of the growing community that takes control of their health and shares the cost with other faith-based individuals.

We understand your healthcare needs are always changing, and we offer a wide array of short-term medical, low cost, comprehensive, and catastrophic plans to best provide for your family. We believe you have a fundamental right to direct your own healthcare, and if you ever find your existing coverage no longer fits your needs, please let us know, and a customer care specialist will be happy to discuss an alternative plan that works for you.


Shelley Steele, CEO

Aliera Healthcare, Inc.