Thanksgiving is two months away and that means three things. Food, football, and the Turkey Trot. You cannot start making Thanksgiving dinner two months in advance, but you can prepare for the Turkey Trot. If you are not a natural-born runner (like me), then follow along with me and the Nike+ Run Club 8-week training program. Running is one of the best ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no better feeling than taking out all your frustrations onto the pavement and clearing your mind.

Because I am striving to live a healthy lifestyle like our devoted members, I will be training for my own Turkey Trot 5K. I am not a natural-born runner so I’ll be running with the Nike+ Run Club app and would love for the Aliera community to track my progress and join me. Because living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy, I am challenging the Aliera community to support each other and support me on this journey.

If you want to train with me, add me to your friends by searching for my name or screen name in the Nike+ Run Club app. I would love to have the Aliera community as support.

Name: Devon Valastro                 Screen Name: DevonV820

One of the best features of the NRC app is that you can personalize your training experience. Go to “My Coach” choose “Get Ready For Race Day” and then input your information. Based on the information that you input, Nike+ will build an unique training plan just for you and your needs. Each plan will vary based on your experience level, running pace, etc.

Turkey Trot Training Schedule

If you do not feel like following along with an app, Nike+ Run Club has an amazing 8-week training program that will give you more information than you could even imagine. This program goes through all the basics of running, takes you through how to choose your different pace times, explains the three different types of workouts, and also takes you through the different types of runs you will do. You could also use this program in addition to the app because you can never have too much information.

Good luck and be sure to send us comments…can’t wait to see y’all on the pavement!