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Innovative ACA health plan solution for employers and their employees

Aliera Healthcare is a new and innovative healthcare organization offering its members a comprehensive model of care. Our healthcare programs are designed around the Direct Primary Care Medical Home model of care which puts the member at the center of care.

Our nationwide healthcare programs include preventive, episodic, and urgent care services alongside a 24/7 telemedicine feature, supported by labs, x-rays & ancillary services, where needed. Aliera also offers Qualified Health Plans that meet full compliance with the ACA for employers!
*Note: Because our AlieraOne products are customized to fit your needs, the network of providers will vary. Please see our ‘Provider Networks’ section for the list of provider partners.


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When you choose one of Aliera’ s healthcare coverage plans, you will be choosing from some of the most robust programs offered today. Your benefits, depending on the plan choice, not only include preventive care as outlined in the ACA but also will include comprehensive care.

  • Check IconPrimary care
  • Check IconSpecialist visits
  • Check IconIn- and out-patient hospitalization
  • Check IconLaboratory outpatient & professional services
  • Check IconX-rays & diagnostic imaging
  • Check IconPrescription drug coverage
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