Sharing the Cost of Healthcare Among Like-Minded People

In today’s markets, the cost of healthcare is constantly rising. Insurance premiums seem to be constantly rising, yet the coverage appears to be diminishing. For those who are looking for an alternative, Aliera Healthcare offers affordable options to meet a wide variety of healthcare needs.

You may see portions of Aliera’s plans designated with a Unity HealthShare logo. Unity Health Share is a healthcare sharing organization presented, marketed, and managed exclusively by Aliera Healthcare, Inc. Unity HealthShare and Aliera Healthcare have joined their respective programs together to offer quality healthcare plans.

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Healthcare based upon sharing one another’s needs

Medical cost-sharing is based upon the principle of sharing one another’s needs. Often, the members of this plan type join together around either a common religious or ethical belief, or both. In order to join, members are required to sign a statement of belief agreeing with the healthcare organization’s core tenants. Most specifically, medical cost-sharing organizations believe in “individual responsibility for health and helping others in need.”

How healthcare sharing organizations differ from traditional insurance

With traditional insurance, premiums are sent to the insurance company every month. Every time a member goes to the doctor, an additional co-pay is paid. This does not go towards to the member’s deductible. In addition, when a member needs labs or x-rays or has to be in the hospital, the member pays the cost until the deductible is met, and then only a portion of the bill is covered by the insurance.

Some insurance plans also have a prescription deductible that must be paid before prescription coverage starts, and every prescription has a co-pay that does not go towards the yearly deductible. The entire populace that is insured by the company must pay for the bills of those who have not taken care of themselves.

With healthcare sharing organizations, individuals take control of their healthcare, making decisions to keep themselves healthy. Often, medical cost-sharing organization members sign agreements stating they will abstain from drinking, smoking, drugs, and behavior that will cause harm to themselves. Premiums are far lower than that of traditional insurance as members choose to live healthier, more responsible lifestyles.

How Aliera Healthcare’s medical cost-sharing works

With Aliera Healthcare’s and Unity HealthShare’s medical cost-sharing, members send their monthly contributions (i.e., premiums) to Unity or Aliera. These contributions are deposited into the member’s “sharebox,” waiting to be matched to another member’s bills. When a member visits the doctor or has a qualified medical bill, the bill is sent to be processed. All charges are reviewed to ensure that they are reasonable, and appropriate discounts are applied. Unity then transfers money from other members’ shareboxes to pay the bill.

Although Aliera Healthcare’s and Unity Healthshare’s plans have various shared responsibility amounts (MSRA), the low monthly premiums allow members to set aside the savings to pay the MSRA. In addition, members are able to speak to a doctor by phone or chat 24/7 (telemedicine) without paying a co-pay—meaning, members see additional savings. Through Aliera Healthcare and Unity HealthShare, members can have complete healthcare at a reasonable cost thanks to health cost-sharing.

Medical cost-sharing plans are Affordable Care Act exempt

Because medical cost-sharing organizations are faith-based, they are exempt from the individual responsibility requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Those who have plans from a health care cost-sharing plan can fill out an ACA exemption and not be fined. With Aliera Healthcare, most plans meet the minimum requirements outlined under the ACA.

For those who desire to take control of their healthcare and stop the waste of their healthcare premiums, medical cost-sharing may be exactly what is needed. Through a commitment to caring for others, individual responsibility, and healthy living, people are finding affordable healthcare to meet their needs. Bearing one another’s burdens becomes very light when done in the right manner.

Some other names for Healthcare cost sharing

Health care cost-sharing organizations may be referred to by a number of different names including medical cost-sharing plans, Christian medical cost-sharing, health cost-sharing, and healthcare cost-sharing plans.