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Short Term Health Coverage:
A Smart Choice for the In-between Times

Life happens, job changes take place, health insurances end, and new insurances are set to begin. Sometimes as those events take place, gaps in health insurance coverage occur, placing individuals and families at risk. Now, people no longer have to suffer through the worry of times when a lapse in coverage occurs. With Aliera’s short term healthcare plan, InterimCare, members can know that their families are cared for regardless of what else is happening.

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What is short term health care?

Short term health care coverage is designed for the transition times of life. Whether members are relocating, changing jobs, or simply feel like starting over, they can continue to cover themselves with temporary health insurance for the “what if’s” of life. As the name implies, it is intended for a short period of time, 11 months or less. If a person is going to need insurance for a period of more than 11 months, a comprehensive healthcare plan or standard plan should be considered. Some other names for short term healthcare insurance are short term medical, hospital coverage, emergency medical coverage, and crisis care.

Aliera’s short term health plan benefits

Not designed to act as fully as comprehensive coverage, the short term medical coverage still gives complete coverage. Members have access to primary care physicians, urgent care, preventive medicine and visits, telemedicine, specialty services, labs and diagnostics, hospital services, surgical services, emergency room visits, and ambulance services. Depending on the plan, prescriptions may have discounts applied after the member shared responsibility amount (MSRA) has been met. The MSRA acts much like a deductible in a traditional insurance plan.

With telemedicine, doctors are only a phone call away, anytime, anyplace. With temporary health coverage, members have free, unlimited access to a U.S. board-certified doctor by either telephone or video conference who can write a prescription if needed. The type of plan dictates how many doctor’s office visits a member can have during the plan length; but with telemedicine, seeing the doctor just became unlimited, comfortable, and convenient.

Since emergencies are never planned, every plan comes with emergency room and ambulance coverage. As with most traditional insurances, coverage kicks in after the MSRA has been met. Up to three visits within the 11-month period can be made to an urgent care facility, depending on the plan.

However, because it is a short term interim-care health plan, it doesn’t have everything a standard health plan would possess. Eye exams and vision coverage are not included. Normal pregnancies, fertility treatments, and infertility diagnosis are not covered. People with preexisting conditions should also consider a different individual coverage option.

How short term health care coverage compares to major medical insurance

For those who want to have low-cost coverage and adhere to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a temporary health plan may be the right insurance alternative. Major medical insurance must meet the minimum requirements of the ACA. These requirements include preventive care, prescription drug coverage, emergency services, and hospitalization and the costs that come with it. Aliera’s short term health coverage meets ACA adherence requirements.

How Aliera’s short term health care plan works

Similar to a traditional medical insurance, Aliera’s short term healthcare coverage has certain items that are completely covered at no additional cost to the member. These include telemedicine and one preventive visit per term. Other items have co-expenses, similar to co-pays. Generally, the co-expenses apply after the MSRA is met and is figured at a percentage of the total cost. Members can choose to set their MSRA to either $1000, $2500, $5000, or $10,000.

When considering the next steps of life, people shouldn’t let the question of healthcare coverage keep them from being bold. With Aliera Healthcare’s short-term InterimCare coverage, stepping out to the next adventure in life just got easier.

*All of the Aliera Healthcare plans for individuals and families are supported and are part of a healthcare sharing ministry, and thus members are exempt from any ACA penalties


Aliera's short term medical coverage, InterimCare, is a great option for those in-between medical plans. Our STM plans are affordable, and are designed to cover you and your family's healthcare expenses during a transition. InterimCare offers low cost care when you know you have infrequent medical needs, but still need peace of mind.