New Low Cost ACA Alternative Healthcare Solutions

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that all individuals have at least “minimum essential coverage” (MEC) for healthcare. If you do not have the minimum coverage, you may have to pay a penalty tax. By purchasing a healthcare plan with “minimum essential coverage” through your employer, you can avoid the “Individual Mandate” penalty tax.

ACA Compliant Low Cost Health Plans

BEMC-New-Member-Services-Icon-150x150Through Aliera’s subsidiary, HealthPass USA, we offer a popular member-based healthcare product with access to nationwide preventive, episodic primary, and urgent care services. Our product also includes 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified providers and pediatricians via phone or online. Members enjoy prescription discounts, most x-rays, labs, and ancillary services which are all compliant under the Affordable Care Act.

Why you need a HealthPass from Aliera

• Convenient medical care when you need it
• No bills; includes services performed in clinics
• Extended hours & weekends available
• Pre-existing conditions are included
• No-co-pay, insurance, or co-insurance required
• X-rays, labs, and testing are included

HealthPass Explained

Employer Sponsored Plans

icon-team-care-150x150 Employers get a special discount when they sponsor one of our ACA Minimum Essential Coverage plans. Employers can choose to provide a 50% share, 80% share, or 100% share of the expense. The program is 100% eligible for pre-tax considerations and can also be paid through an HSA. But when an employer does not want to participate, our programs can be offered on a voluntary basis. No matter which plan you choose, a HealthPass membership covers episodic primary and preventive care.

HealthPass PLUS

gold-seal-stamp- Medical services are available from hundreds of medical centers throughout the United States. HealthPass USA is raising the standard of healthcare by putting individuals first, treating them with clinical excellence, and focusing on their well-being, while meeting the ACA requirements. With your membership, there are no hidden fees.

HealthPass Premium

gold-seal-stamp-With a HealthPass Premium Benefit plan you receive all of the benefits required to meet the ACA requirements for Minimum Essential Coverage plus hospital indemnity, critical illness, accidental death, and several other supplemental benefits for your health-related issues.