WorkSite Benefits

What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits is healthcare coverage or a health insurance policy offered through your employer’s benefit program. Sometimes they are included in your employer’s benefits package, and other times you are given the option to purchase the type of coverage that works best for you and your family. These policies provide benefits and support when unexpected events threaten your livelihood and savings.

How to choose your benefits.

Choosing benefits is truly a personal decision. You’ll want to learn about the insurance products available and consider your current lifestyle, income, family health history, and future goals before purchasing employee benefits. Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh the costs of the policies against the possible need for them in the future.

Why Aliera®?

Don’t let an unexpected event derail your retirement. We want to ensure you protect your livelihood and retirement savings throughout your working life and beyond. Our employee benefits insurance products help provide a financial cushion but, more than that, they allow you to keep your financial goals on track as you navigate life’s unpredictable journey.

Types of Employee Benefits available

Disability Income Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance