Aliera Healthcare provides plans that put the member first. Under its triage-based system of care alongside receiving additional time with providers, employees will find comfort in the knowledge that they are not just another patient. The Core 4 model focuses on their health care and manages it for them. The Aliera exclusive suite of employee benefit programs, solutions and strategies offers employers annual budget predictability and increased employee productivity and morale.

  • Annual rate predictability – premier partner programs that beat market trends
  • Self-funded employee benefits programs with numerous choices
  • A full spectrum of administrative services and solutions for the employer
  • Online web-based enrollment sites to guide employees

What exactly is “Minimum Value Plan” as defined by ACA?

A health plan meets the Minimum Value standard if it’s designed to pay at least 60% of the total cost of medical services for a standard population, and if its benefits include substantial coverage of in-patient hospital and physician services. Individuals offered job- based coverage that provides minimum value and is considered affordable are not eligible for a premium tax credit.