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Now, it’s easier to provide employees the healthcare they desire at an affordable cost

Health insurance is bookended in volumes of mystery. You know you need it, you want to have it, but odds are, you don’t know enough about it to make the first two points happen. If you’re an employer thinking about offering group health insurance to your employees for the first time, it can be unclear why you should provide something that’s saddled with so much confusion.

Why would you want it? Well, outfitting your team with health benefits makes it a lot easier for your employees to cover their regular and urgent doctor visits, hospital stays, and medical treatments like physical therapy. It also allows employees to buy additional insurance to cover their entire families in one fell swoop.

A health plan from Aliera Healthcare provides group employers with the ability to choose from many options. Choose from the basics of minimum essential coverage as required to meet the minimum standards of the ACA to full comprehensive self-funded plans ranging in coverage levels from 70% to 90% of the employee’s needs. Either way you will receive a unique and usable healthcare benefit package.

Minimum Essential Coverage Plans

Aliera Healthcare offers innovative solutions through minimum essential coverage plans (MEC) to companies who want to do right by their employees. Aliera offers MEC plans that have hospital coverage in accordance with CMS requirements, as well as plans that meet the IRS requirements for MEC coverage that do not have hospitalization coverage.

Minimum Value Plans

Aliera’s self-funded MVP is built on the same premise as traditional fully-insured plans, but puts the control of cost and management back into the employer’s hands. It is not traditional insurance, but is ACA compliant under the CMS, IRS and ERISA—meeting the requirements set forth by the government.

Voluntary Benefits

Empower your employees with the options they need to stay healthy. In a competitive employment environment, only providing employees the option of a basic healthcare plan often isn’t enough.

Indemnity Plans

Pay a preset benefit amount based on the qualified medical service and length of care. Benefits are paid directly to the employee, and help offset the expenses from certain medical events.