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ERISA qualified Level-Funded plans providing the Minimum Essential Coverage at a fixed rate

Utilizing ERISA qualified Level-Funded plans, we offer a product that provides all of the necessary healthcare to members in the group setting. These low cost plans give employers the ability to provide affordable healthcare to their employees while maintaining compliance with the Affordable Care Act tax mandates. Members under this plan are given access to preventative services and screenings, Primary Care services, and Urgent Care visits to ensure a healthy work environment in the workplace. In addition to these services, our products include 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified providers and pediatricians via phone or online video call, as well as a prescription discount, at no additional cost to the member.

In conjunction with these services, members are able to utilize our partnership with First Health, one of the largest PPO networks in the nation with more than 1,000,000 healthcare professionals and more than 6,000 facilities. First Health offers access to quality, affordable health care through TPA’s, carriers, health care plans, and Taft-Hartley trusts.


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Benefits of HealthPass Level-Funded

Why a Level-Funded Plan From Aliera?

Our ERISA Qualified Level-Funded plan offers a solution to the rising costs of healthcare for members in the group setting. With our fixed-rate structure, groups are offered robust Healthcare coverage at prices affordable to everyone in their workforce.

  • Check IconConvenient medical care when you need it
  • Check IconNo bills; includes services performed in clinics
  • Check IconExtended hours & weekends available
  • Check IconPre-existing conditions are included
  • Check IconUnlimited access to FirstCall Telemed
  • Check IconX-rays, labs, and testing are included
  • Plan Options

    Level-Funded Value

    With the costs of health insurance rising, Aliera offers coverage that is now affordable for members with our Healthpass Value Level-Funded plan. Under this plan members have access to 63 preventative services dictated by the USPSTF as well as Urgent Care access for any important medical issues that may arise. Our inclusion of 24/7/365 telemedicine and prescription discount services at no additional charge ensures that members will remain healthy and happy year round!

    Level-Funded Plus

    Our HealthPass Plus plan goes above and beyond with an persons healthcare coverage. This plan includes everything stated in our Value plan as well as Primary Care visits for any PCP issues a member might have. This plan ensures that individuals will always be covered with their day-to-day medical needs and keep them from having to sacrifice all of their paychecks to their healthcare needs.

    Level-Funded Premium

    When a member is enrolled in our HealthPass Premium plan, they can rest easy knowing their medical needs are not only met, but exceeded, with our plan. Under our Premium Plan, your employees receive coverage with Urgent Care visits, Primary Care visits, preventative services, and even Chronic Care for recurring issues. This plan offers robust and encompassing coverage for groups while maintaining the low-cost aspect our members have come to know and love.

    These Plans are NOT comprehensive health insurance and do NOT include hospitalization or certain other benefits. These plans meet the individual requirement of the ACA for ‘Minimum Essential Coverage’ when sold through an employer.

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    Download the HealthPass Level-Funded Brochure

    Download the brochure

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