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ERISA qualified Self-Funded plans provide complete coverage on a Self-Funded Platform with a chance of recovering unused funds at the end of the term

With our ERISA qualified Self-Funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans we give groups the opportunity to save money on the Healthcare costs of their members. These self-funded options not only allow employers to utilize the size of their organization to reduce healthcare premiums, but also provide the opportunity to receive unused funds back at the end of the year. To create these plans we spoke with several underwriters and compared countless former plans to establish a range of expected costs for a groups healthcare. This approach to Self-Funded healthcare provides a welcome simplicity in the employer provided healthcare realm, and ensures that even groups new to the world of Self-Funded Healthcare will have no trouble navigating these waters.

While maintaining the cost efficiency so closely associated with Self-Funded plans, members are able to utilize Urgent Care visits, preventative services, unlimited Primary Care (PCP) visits and even have the ability to obtain an amount of coverage for Emergency Room and Hospital services that aren’t available in most other MEC’s out there! Members are able to utilize these features in any of the 1,000,000 plus providers made available by our partnership First Health whom is one of the largest PPO networks in the nation.


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Benefits of HealthPass Self-Funded

Why a Self-Funded Plan From Aliera?

Our ERISA Qualified HealthPass Self-Funded plan allows groups to utilize the cost savings potential associated with Self-Funded plans. This savings capability is utilized on the MEC level with predetermined price ranges to simplify the often difficult process of navigating Self-Insured plans.

  • Check IconConvenient medical care when you need it
  • Check IconPreventative OB/GYN and Pediatric care are included
  • Check IconSpecialty visits are included
  • Check IconExtended hours & weekends available
  • Check IconPre-existing conditions are included
  • Plan Options

    Self-Funded Choice

    As premiums in the Healthcare world increase, more and more companies are turning to Self-Funded plans to lower their healthcare costs. With the HealthPass Choice option in our Self-Funded plan a group is able to receive some of the most affordable healthcare available without having to sacrifice their coverage. Members are able to utilize specialist and urgent care visits, in addition to unlimited Primary Care visits and 24/7/365 telemedicine capabilities.

    Self-Funded Advantage

    With our HealthPass Advantage plan we ensure that a member receives top notch HealthCare at prices they won't have to break the bank on. Each member has access to everything covered in the HealthPass Choice plan in addition to Hospital, Surgical, and Ambulance coverage they may utilize in the case of an emergency.

    Self-Funded Preferred

    For employees and employers looking for the maximum coverage benefit under the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) qualifications as stated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) our HealthPass Preferred plan is the perfect option for them. Under this plan a member has unlimited access to not only Primary Care Facilities, but to specialists as well. This is all in addition to the Urgent Care Visits, $300 Emergency Room visits, and Hospitalization that a member is able to utilize to ensure that their, and their families, health and wellness.

    These Plans are NOT comprehensive health insurance and do NOT include hospitalization or certain other benefits. These plans meet the individual requirement of the ACA for ‘Minimum Essential Coverage’ when sold through an employer.

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    Download the HealthPass Self-Funded Brochure

    Download the brochure

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