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Supplemental Healthcare Plans:
Being Ready for All Healthcare Needs

Carrying a basic healthcare plan is a good start, and adding catastrophic healthcare to help when accidents happen is even better. However, life is full of unpredictable events—and they often come when you least expect, and can least afford it. What happens next when you notice a problem with your eyesight, or hearing? If a medical issue results in an extended hospital stay, are you prepared for all the associated costs? When these out-of-pocket expenses start accumulating, the need for supplemental healthcare becomes very apparent. With Aliera Healthcare’s supplemental plan options, you can prepare for the unexpected.

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What types of supplemental medical plans Aliera offers

No one wants to get caught off guard. In order to be prepared for the out-of-pocket costs and expenses that may not be eligible by your primary healthcare plan, Aliera Healthcare offers supplemental plans that can be added to any of its Individual and Family plans, or purchased individually. Individuals can choose to add dental, vision, or an indemnity plan to their healthcare plan, or purchase these plans separately. While both telemedicine and prescription drug discount program are a part of Aliera’s healthcare plans, individuals desiring this healthcare can also purchase these independent of a medical plan.

What each plan offers

    Trinity Vision Care is a low-cost vision plan that offers cost-sharing to those who need it. This plan includes a yearly eye exam and allowance towards glasses for a small monthly fee.

    Trinity Dental Care is a low-cost alternative dental plan for those who need dental care. It includes two cleanings per year and minor restorative work for a small monthly fee.

    FirstCall Telemedicine makes U.S. board-certified doctors only a phone call or video chat away. Available 24/7 and conveniently accessible from work, home, or the road, these doctors can write prescriptions and rereferrals if necessary. For a minimal monthly fee, you can do away with co-pays at the doctor’s and have the convenience of a doctor by phone.
    *This service is included with all Aliera Healthcare and Trinity HealthShare plans

    Rx Valet is ideal for those who lack good prescription drug discount program. With Rx Valet, members can get a 90-day supply of medication at the 30-day price. Customer service representatives also help members locate pharmacies with the lowest rates for prescription medication.
    *Aliera’s Healthcare plans come with prescription drug discount program, so this is for people with healthcare that lack a good prescription plan

    Indemnity Plans are based on a reimbursement model, and cost-share pre-determined costs associated with a certain qualified medical service you may receive. These benefits then pay either a set portion of your total charge, or a pre-set fixed cost, and are paid directly to you. Indemnity plans can be combined with other healthcare plans and payouts.

No longer do individuals and families have to feel like they are just stuck with a one-size-fits-all traditional medical plan. With the supplemental healthcare plans from Aliera Healthcare, people can have confidence they can get the care they need when they need it. Finally, solutions that make sense.


The essentials you need to maintain and improve your overall dental health—regardless of your budget or lifestyle. The Trinity Dental Care plan gives you a $2,000 annual maximum for each eligible plan member, with only a $30 application fee.


Flexible, affordable vision care plan for individuals and families. Enhance your total wellness with benefits for eye exams and eyewear. Trinity Vision Care is a value vision plan backed by the largest national network of retail optical care outlets.

Prescription Program

An affordable and flexible prescription drug discount program—the easiest way to save money on prescriptions. Rx Valet is an easy-to-use program providing some of the best savings and discounts for prescription drugs and diabetic testing supplies.


Telemedicine can save you both time and money when it comes to your more basic healthcare needs. FirstCall Telemedicine provides unlimited telephone access to physician consultations for many of your medical issues instead of expensive and time-consuming alternatives.